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How To Use Lavender Oil For Sleep January 28 2014

If you are having a hard time sleeping then Lavender Oil may be all you need to remedy this.

In this video I share with you How To Use Lavender Oil For Sleep. At the end of the video I give you a 20% coupon code to purchase our Pure Lavender Oil at Amazon.

The ideal way to use ths essential oil is to place 2-3 drops in a diffuser and locate it in your bedroom.

You can also place 1-2 drops on a tissue, cotton ball, handkerchief and stuff inside your pillow.

I'll be sharing more ways to use Lavender Oil so you can avoid doctor's visits....naturally. There are so many ailments that can be addressed with this lovely aromatic essential oil.

In celebration of the upcoming Valentine holiday get 20% Off Southern Zoomer’s Lavender Oil When You Use Coupon Code: “LUVLAV20”. This offer is for a limited time and while supplies last.

Go to Amazon now and buy Pure Lavender Oil and get a great night's sleep.

We're looking forward to hearing your results.


How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Acne January 01 2014

There are so many of us Baby Boomers that are still experiencing acne. Whether it is on our face or other areas of our body, I share how you can use Tea Tree Oil for acne in this video.

If you have a severe breakout, simply apply 3 drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil to a cotton ball or q-tip. Do this twice a day.

If you are prone to periodic breakouts then use as a preventative solution.

Here's how…

Add 15 drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil to a ½ oz. of non-drying face wash. Something like Cetaphil works well.

Stay with it and you'll see...the results are truly amazing.

It’s The Best “Medicine Kit In A Bottle.”

Looking for where to buy Tea Tree Oil? Click here to shop at our online store.

How To Use Eucalyptus Oil For A Cough December 30 2013

The flu season is hitting us hard again this year.  I wanted to share how you can use Eucalyptus Oil For A Cough.

Place 5-7 Drops of Pure Eucalyptus Oil In A Vaporizer or Diffuser.

Also, mix together a couple of drops of Eucalyptus Oil with a carrier oil such as Olive Oil. Massage on chest.

Use that same Eucalyptus Oil|Olive Oil mixture and massage on the soles of the feet. Cover the feet with socks.

The results are simply amazing.

In celebration of our Eucalyptus Oil launch we are offering for a limited time a 75% off coupon code at Amazon. Use Coupon Code “EUC75OFF” at checkout.

Get Pure Eucalyptus Oil. You'll be so glad you did.

Lavender Oil For Healing - A Customer Testimonial December 30 2013


[caption id="attachment_533" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lavender Oil Bert Botta And The Arnold[/caption]

I had no idea Lavender oil was as versatile as it is. I just thought it smelled good and was good to sprinkle in the tub when you wanted to relax. And, oh yeah, to sprinkle it on your pillow if you wanted to get a good night’s sleep.

It sounds like you can find it just about anywhere and I had no idea it had the healing qualities it does. If I had known it was so useful for things like joint pain, long haul travel, sleeplessness, and aching muscles, I would have carried a bottle of it with me when I was an international airline pilot.

Crossing multiple time zones, having to wake up on the back-side of my body clock and sitting in a cramped cockpit for hours on end, I sure could have used some.

But now that I’ve tried Southern Zoomer’s Lavender Oil, I’ll never be without it again. And I don’t even fly airplanes anymore…

How To Save Thousands A Year In Healthcare Using Peppermint Essential Oil November 22 2013

It's really no secret that individuals within the U.S. are searching for Alternative Medicines considering the brand new health care laws and regulations.

What is a secret is what types of Alternative Medicines to use and how to use them.

Essential Oils like Pure Peppermint Oil can relieve a variety of conditions saving thousands of dollars annually in health care costs.

Peppermint Oil is recognized as one of the most valuable and treasured essential oils.

Steam distilled from the plant's leaves, Peppermint Oil can be used to clear a stuffy nose, eliminate head aches, enhance concentration and much more.

Peppermint Oil is an all around valuable essential oil that every household should keep on hand.

Use Peppermint Oil to:

  • Fight Apathy, Fatigue & Mental Exhaustion
  • Enhance Sports Performance
  • Relieve Heartburn, Sour Stomach or Diarrhea
  • Reduce Fever
  • Cure Halitosis

Peppermint Oil May Also Be Used To:

  • Mix in with your shampoo to assuage an inflamed scalp
  • Eradicate fleas and mice
  • Relax the body and mind
  • Add to the washing machine so your laundry has that wonderful minty smell
  • Plus much more…

We are one of the few places that sell a quality 100% Pure Mentha Piperita essence concentrate.

In addition, we offer a free Peppermint Essential Oil Users Guide so you can discover the many uses hidden in this favorite essential oil.

The Southern Zoomer Pure Peppermint Oil bottle includes a built-in dropper top to get one drop at a time and has a convenient travel pouch.

As we always say...You don't have to spend thousands to feel and look great!

Use Pure Peppermint Oil.

Looking for where to find Peppermint Oil? Visit here.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Parents Who Have Everything...Pure Lavender Oil November 21 2013

Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas For Parents Who Have Everything? Buy Pure Lavender Oil.

Give The Gift Of Nature...Lavender Oil. Whether the gift is for him, her or both, they'll absolutely love the heavenly smell and the medicinal benefits.

Our sensational and appealing 100% Pure Lavender Oil is the perfect gift for the parents who have everything.

Everywhere people are raving about the amazing benefits of Pure Lavender Oil.

You Can Use it to:

  • Ease anxiety, depression, nervous tension & stress
  • Get a great night sleep
  • Promote hair growth
  • Alleviate headaches & migraines
  • Repel moths
  • Make your laundry smell heavenly
  • Soothe minor burns
  • Use on cuts
  • Moisturize dry or chapped skin
  • Plus more...

Our Pure Lavender Oil makes a great gift or stocking stuffer! Buy Lavender Oil Now at Amazon. You're loved ones will love you for it.

Happy, Happy Holidays from the folks at Southern Zoomer!

Another Holiday Gift Idea...The Gift Of Nature - Peppermint Oil November 19 2013

Give the gift of nature this holiday season...Peppermint Oil.

Our incredibly popular 100% Pure Peppermint Oil is the absolute perfect gift for him or her.

Every household should have this valuable and treasured essential oil.

Use in...

  • Aromatherapy for an energy boost
  • Fight apathy, fatigue & mental exhaustion
  • Control asthma, coughs and sinus congestion
  • Eradicate bad breath
  • Relieve indigestion & heartburn
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce fever
  • Relieve a headache or migraine

Plus so much more...

This is a great gift or stocking stuffing! However, I must warn you we are having a hard time keeping it on the shelf. So don't wait til the last minute on this one. ;-)

Buy Peppermint Oil Now at Amazon.

From our family to yours...we wish you a happy holiday and a Merry Christmas!

Joint Health And Flexibility With Celadrin Pain Relief Cream November 19 2013

Joint Health and flexibility with Celadrin Pain Relief Cream.

If you or a family member suffer from muscle or joint discomfort, then our Fast Acting Celadrin® Pain Relief Cream might be the answer to reducing your pain discomfort.

Not only does it contain the ingredient Celadrin®, it has Natural Menthol, MSM* and Arnica; commonly used by professional sports athletes.

See what others are saying on Amazon here.

Our Celadrin® Pain Relief Cream arrives in a 4 ounce pump bottle with a convenient travel pouch.

And, you’ll be glad to know it's Made In The USA.

It’s the very best Natural Medicine for Joint Health, flexibility and support.

Use Fast Acting Celadrin® Pain Relief Cream for Muscle Stiffness and Soreness, Neck Discomfort and Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Injuries, Back Aches, and any other inflammatory conditions.

It’s Organic and Gluten-Free.

Do yourself or a loved one a favor and go to Amazon to get Celadrin Pain Relief Cream for Joint Health if you have pain or discomfort. Or, just want to ensure good Joint Health.

Gift Idea For Christmas...Give The Gift Of Nature - Tea Tree Oil November 18 2013

Looking for Presents For Christmas? How about the gift of nature? Tea Tree Oil

Happy Holidays from SouthernZoomer!

It's gift giving time. And here is an excellent idea!

Why not give the gift of nature...100% Pure Tea Tree Oil.

Our popular Pure Tea Tree Oil is the perfect gift for her or him.

It's the finest "Medicine Kit In A Bottle."

Use it to:

  • Eliminate acne
  • Use in a face mask
  • Invigorate the scalp
  • Eliminate dandruff
  • Heal cuts, burns and infections
  • Treat common colds
  • Treat head lice
  • Eliminate body odor
  • Treat ringworm
  • Squash athletes feet
  • Treat nail fungus infection
  • Plus much more...

It's a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer. Buy our Tea Tree Oil at our online store.

From our family to yours...wishing you a Happy Holiday along with a Merry Christmas!

Learn About Natural Pain Relief With Celadrin® Pain Relief Cream October 24 2013

Susan Bridges, CEO of Southern Zoomer, is talking on Google Hangouts today.

Learn about natural pain relief with Fast Acting Celadrin® Pain Relief Cream.

You can watch here:


Don’t struggle with pain one more day. DISCOVER FAST PAIN RELIEF NATURALLY HERE!

Save On Healthcare Costs - Use Peppermint Essential Oil October 17 2013

These days people around the world, especially in the U.S., are looking for alternative medicines to save on healthcare costs. Using Peppermint Essential Oil can relieve all sorts of ailments from fighting apathy, fatigue and mental exhaustion to reducing a fever.

Using Google Hangouts, Susan Bridges, CEO of Southern Zoomer, is seen below making a presentation about Peppermint Oil Uses and talking about their 100% Pure Peppermint Oil product.

Watch Here:

Click The Link To Buy 100% Pure Peppermint Oil Here.

Celadrin Joint Relief Lotion Might Be All You Need For That Discomfort September 25 2013

Studies have confirmed that Celadrin® Joint Relief Lotion, which is a blend of acetylated fatty acids, MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane), arnica, menthol and other synergistic agents, applied topically penetrates to enhance joint function and mobility while relieving pain.

The additional addictives arnica and menthol aid in the areas of muscle soreness, brusing, sprains, stiffness and simple backache.

Clinical tests made available on topical applications supported the following:

  • Relief of both joint and muscle discomfort
  • Enhancement of mobility and flexibility
  • Support of elevated local muscular endurance and exercise training in arthritis
  • Enhancements in some cases of less than 30 minutes
  • Growing effectiveness during a period of thirty days
  • When compared with a placebo, 100% of test subjects in these medical trials experienced significant benefit.

For those who have joint related conditions, our Fast Acting Celadrin® Pain Relief Product might be all that you need to relieve that discomfort.

Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungus August 11 2013

If you or a family member have yellowed or thick nail beds...then, you might have the dreaded Nail Fungus Infection.

Are you currently frustrated you cannot locate a solution that actually works? Then you're in the best place.

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is an antiseptic which will cure nail fungus infection very quickly.

Here's the solution...

Soak your feet or hands in warm soap and water until clean. Dry completely.

Apply a few drops of "Tea Tree Oil" to cotton balls and put on impacted areas.

Do this two times each day consistently for about a month.

You will see tremendous results!

It's just not necessary to spend thousands yearly to feel and look great!

Use "Tea Tree Oil" for Nail Fungus Infection.

So, if you are nails look all yellowed and thick...

Then, you are likely to be amazed the way your nails are going to look after using Tea Tree Oil consistently for about a month.

You will be surprised about how this little "Medicine inside a Bottle" will make you feel and look...

Get Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungus Infection at Amazon.

Tea Tree Oil For Acne July 19 2013

Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Watch this video if you are tired of all of the time that it takes to locate a remedy for acne or are frustrated at just how long it takes to locate an acne solution that's natural.

Everyone knows that you will find a number of items available on the market for dealing with acne which is possibly the most embarrassing skin disorders, particularly when it appears on your face.

But are you aware most acne remedies are filled with chemicals and costs consumers 1000's of dollars every year? And, many of them yield hardly any results.

If you are at all like me then you are searching for an acne solution that will not break your budget. And, one which will yield the greatest results.

It's not necessary to spend 1000's annually to feel and look great!

Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne.

Tea Tree Oil may be the one product, if used properly, which will eliminate acne and bring your skin one step further to being clean, clear and more importantly free of bacteria to harbor much more of those ugly zits.

So, should you feel you look like this...engrossed in acne.

Then, you are likely to feel like this... no acne, after using Tea Tree Oil in your daily skin regiment.

You will be surprised about how this little "Medicine inside a Bottle" will make you feel and look.

Health Freedom - Don't let the Government Take Your Rights Away June 27 2013

If you value your health freedom you need to watch the video below and read this article. Don't let the government take your rights to decide if you want to take supplements.

Tea Tree Oil Uses and Benefits Video June 24 2013

Tea Tree Oil Uses and Benefits Video

If you are searching for the very best tea tree oil always purchase 100% Melanleuca Alternifolia...taken from the tea tree plant indigenous to Austrailia.

You will find many healing advantages of tea tree is a "Medicine Package Inside A Bottle."

It's the most versatile substance that will cure virtually anything.

Here are a few of the numerous uses...

#1 - Use as an antiseptic on cuts

#2 - Help treat acne problems

#3 - Relieve Earaches

#4 - Soothe insect bites

#5 - Cure Foul Breath

Can be used as a cleaner.

May be used to keep fleas from your dog.

May be used to freshen your laundry.

Pure Tea Tree Oil - An old discovery that actually works!

Buy 100% pure tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits June 19 2013

There are many benefits to using tea tree oil. It is often used as a natural disinfectant to eliminate bacteria. Other tea tree oil benefits include treating both viruses and fungus. It is also often used as a substitute for antibiotics because it is able to fight infections that cannot be treated by antibiotics.

Tea Tree Oil BenefitsSome of the most popular ailments pure tea tree oil can cure are:

•    Sun burns
•    Herpes
•    Insect bites
•    Dandruff
•    Blisters
•    Rashes
•    Acne
•    Oily skin
•    Abscess
•    Athlete’s Foot
•    Warts

Respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis can also be treated using tea tree oil. It is also commonly used to sooth a sore throat, runny noses and coughing.

There are anti-viral properties contained in tea tree oil that can treat shingles, chicken pox, measles and the flu. The human immune system can be strengthened through the consumption of tea tree oil. It is also effective when used as mouthwash because it works well to heal fungal infections in one’s throat or mouth. Like any other mouthwash it can eliminate bad breath and help to protect one’s gums and also prevent plaque from forming on the teeth.

Shampoos sometimes contain tea tree oil because it can treat head lice. Women also use tea tree oil to treat a yeast infection at home.

When it comes to where to buy tea tree oil, it can be bought online or in most drug stores.

Image: Herbolario Allium|Flickr

Benefits Of Pure Tea Tree Oil & Some Uses June 11 2013

Pure tea tree oil or organic tea tree oil is becoming a household name.

Benefits Of Pure Tea Tree OilOver the last ten years or so, millions of people around the world have been using pure tea tree oil for one or more of its numerous benefits.

The best tea tree oil is the one that contains no additives, preservatives or any chemicals and has been extracted from the tea tree that is native to Australia. Tea tree is also known as Melaleuca alternifolia which is not found anywhere but down under.

Pure tea tree oil has numerous benefits however it should not be consumed or ingested. All uses of organic tea tree oil are topical.

Here are some benefits of pure tea tree oil.

For Skin
Pure tea tree oil has numerous properties. It is rich in nutrients, has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps with moisturizing and hydration. You can use pure tea tree oil to care for your skin, even if you do not have any skin problems. Organic tea tree oil has been proven to be very effective to cure acne. It can also prevent acne marks or spots. Pure tea tree oil can be used to cure rashes, skin inflammations or different types of skin spots. The best tea tree oil is a remedy for many skin conditions.

For Hair
Pure tea tree oil will help your hair to be healthier and more lustrous. It can help in destroying lice and you can also prevent, manage and get rid of dandruff. While organic tea tree oil can be used occasionally to address specific problems of the hair and scalp, there is no rule that says you cannot use it regularly.

As An Antiseptic
Pure tea tree oil is an antiseptic. You can use it on burns, bruises, scratches or any kind of physical injury on the skin.

As An Antifungal & Antiviral Herbal Medicine
Pure tea tree oil is used for numerous health conditions. If you are suffering from viral or fungal infections then organic tea tree oil can be applied either topically or in aromatherapy to cure the conditions. People have been using organic tea tree oil to cure eczema, yeast infections, athlete’s foot, flu or cold, chest congestion and sinus infection among others.

To Clean Your Home
Pure tea tree oil can be used as an all purpose cleaner. Whether it is your bathroom tiles or shower heads, carpets or kitchen cabinets, you can use pure tea tree oil to clean them normally or to remove stains.

Image: John Tann|Flickr