Celadrin Joint Relief Lotion Might Be All You Need For That Discomfort September 25 2013

Studies have confirmed that Celadrin® Joint Relief Lotion, which is a blend of acetylated fatty acids, MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane), arnica, menthol and other synergistic agents, applied topically penetrates to enhance joint function and mobility while relieving pain.

The additional addictives arnica and menthol aid in the areas of muscle soreness, brusing, sprains, stiffness and simple backache.

Clinical tests made available on topical applications supported the following:

  • Relief of both joint and muscle discomfort
  • Enhancement of mobility and flexibility
  • Support of elevated local muscular endurance and exercise training in arthritis
  • Enhancements in some cases of less than 30 minutes
  • Growing effectiveness during a period of thirty days
  • When compared with a placebo, 100% of test subjects in these medical trials experienced significant benefit.

For those who have joint related conditions, our Fast Acting Celadrin® Pain Relief Product might be all that you need to relieve that discomfort.