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Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter (More Shea)

$ 15.00

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Using Shea Butter when pregnant can help minimize those stretch marks that almost always occur as your belly begins to expand. Eu'Genia Shea Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter, with increased shea butter content, is one of the best emollients on the market to keep your belly moist.

Directly from Northern Ghana, this family business harvest the shea fruit by hand paying extraordinary attention to only utilizing the best nuts to extract the shea's moisturizing oils. As a result, the shea butter they bring to the consumer is as pure as you can possibly obtain.

Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy by massaging the shea butter on your belly to stimulate the skins renewal process.

This Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter comes in a beautifully packaged tin. So, if you're not pregnant but know someone who is, considering giving it as a gift. They'll thank you when they realize that nature's wonderbalm saved their skin.


  • Contains large amounts of antioxidants and Vitamin A&E, ideal conditioning and moisturizing properties
  • Great for travel
  • Size: Available in 1.6 oz and 12 oz
  • Fragrance: No Fragrance, Grapefruit or Lavender
  • Store at room temperature
  • Shelf Life: 2 years


Shea Butter (90%), Shea Oil (6%), Moringa Oil (1.5%), Baobab Oil (1.5%), and Grapefruit/Lavender Essential Oil (1%)

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